Morgana O'Reilly | 'The Height of Eiffel Tower' playing at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 - Morgana O'Reilly
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24 Jun ‘The Height of Eiffel Tower’ playing at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014


“It’s refreshing to encounter a writer and director who seem to want to look beyond themselves and simply tell a story.”
– Avi Glickstein – Indie Theatre Now – NYC Fringe Festival 2010


“This show is what the Fringe is all about: relevant, relatable and simple to mount. O’Reilly’s stunning ability to immediately soften a moment, to intensify a comedic situation, and to draw the audience in with each character’s portrayal make this a solo show worth catching. Oh, and it’s also hysterical.”
– Michelle Rodriguez – Fringe recommendations – NYC Fringe Festival 2010


“Goofy, funny, scatological and poignant. It’s perfect.”
– Fringe Binge – AndrewAndrew – Timeout NYC 2010


This year (2014) The Height of the Eiffel Tower will be playing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the infamous Assembly Hall.




Created by Morgana O’Reilly and Abigail Greenwood.

Directed by Abigail, Performed and written by Morgana.

This is a one-woman show about family, happiness and…hand modeling.

Playing this year at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014!

Click the following link for all the details:

Meet the family:

Terri Hulme is a mum of four, she’s given her life to her family and she is the master of keeping a smile on her dial. Her Daughter Anna-Louise is 16, knocked-up and polishing off the wine in the fridge. Nathan is 13, awkward, hormonal and odd. And the others? They’re growing up oh-so-soon too, flying the coop. Katie, her beloved firstborn, is travelling overseas, getting caught up in fads, fashions and struggling to find her place in the world. And Duncan, well, he’s just an asshole.


Today, Terri’s hosting an old mate from Uni. Rachel is everything Terri could’ve been: successful, stylish and with flashy new lips. But Terri isn’t resentful. She’s just been making more crafts.


In this shape shifting solo performance, Morgana plays all the members of a nuclear family, who, over the course of one side-splitting, torturous lunch, will completely detonate. But it’s not all just laughs and giggles. At its heart is a woman, who perhaps, just perhaps, is ready to become the person she always intended to be.

It’s heartfelt. And it’s hilarious.


“O’Reilly is one of the rare solo performers who defines her characters so specifically and skilfully that it’s easy to forget she’s the only one up there.”

– Terra Vetter – – NYC Fringe Festival 2010


The Height of the Eiffel Tower was first premiered in 2009 as part of a double bill alongside Mary Jane O’Reilly’ solo dance piece Witch Bitch.


It went directly on to The Basement stage as part of the Auckland Fringe festival 2009.


Whilst Morgana travelled overseas she started performing the show in peoples living rooms as way of saying thanks for the hospitality.


The construct worked so well, on arriving back in NZ she kept performing in people’s homes as part of ‘The Living Room Tour’.


With the help of audiences in living rooms across Auckland, Morgana and Abigail were able to take the show to the New York Fringe Festival in 2010.


The show received great reviews and standing ovations.





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